Best Exercise for Weight Loss

FBZ Fitness | Updated: August 25, 2016 11:09 PST

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The best exercise for weight loss is any type of exercise that gets your heart rate up past 120hps and makes the body sweat. It should be the one you love the most and don’t mind doing year round.

If you’re looking to loose weight quickly the best exercise are burpees. If you’re looking to loose weight over time the best exercise is cycling. This is a calisthenic exercise which gets you sweating and burns fat quickly.

If you want long lasting weight loss choose the exercise that you’re most comfortable with. For some people running creates discomfort in their joints so they choose spinning and swimming which are lighter versions of cardio vascular exercises. Other exercises include:

1. Cycling
Like running this is a form of cardio which allows you to see progress very easily especially when using an instrument other than your body to move from A to B. Cycling however targets your quads in an intense way which running does not. If you want developed leg muscles cycling is a perfect way to target that muscle group throughout your entire workout.

2. Running
Running is a classic cardio exercise which provides activity to the lymph system which is only activated during exercise. It can be become very addicting for some people because it is an exercise where noticing progress is very easy, so motivation can be easily accumulated and therefore become a regular part of your routine.

3. Swimming
Moving in the water is perfect if you are recovering from an injury and do not want to stop exercising. It is a low impact form of cardio which allows you the freedom of movement that other cardio workouts on land do not. It also places your body in new positions which help to develop other muscle groups, reflexes, and breathing rythmes.

4. Sports
Basketball, Soccer (Futbol), Volleyball, baseball and other light contact sports are a great option if you want to disengage from monotonous routines and diversify your movements while being distracted having fun and playing a game.

Having your focus on other elements other than body movements, can improve your workouts as you will find yourself doing movements you would normally think you could not do, because the reward of achieving a point in the game is greater than the difficulty of completing a movement. This is a testament to the importance of diversifying your workouts as they will help you break through plateaus.
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