Best Way to Burn Belly Fat

Burning belly fat consists of creating new habits in nutrition and activity. When you apply the right principles turning your body into a fat burning furnace can be easier than you think.

Burning fat from the abdomen consists of certain principles that when activated in order can provide swift results. The human body burns fat evenly across every area and it stores fat in certain places depending on your body type.

Usually the body burns fat in reverse order, so target burning is usually a misguided strategy to reduce fat in the abdominal area. In most cases fat from the abdomen is the last to be burned revealing the abdominal muscles underneath, saving the best ‘til last.

Top 3 Unique Ab Exercises

1) Hip Raises
Hip raises are a less advanced form of dragon flags which target your abs more than simple leg lifts. Instead of bending from the hip, bend from the middle of the abs, which will target your abs.

2) Weighted Twists
This is a stand up exercise which targets the obliques which supports the centre of your abdominal wall. It works best using a weight or a weighted object as you swivel and carry it from side to side.

3) Side Plank
This position involves being in a side push up position using your elbows or hand. Holding this position for as long as you can will help you develop your chore and stabilization muscles.

Always create a body mind connection with the area you’re trying to work out. Being conscious of your abdominal area with every movement will keep you connected giving you a quicker burn.

You can tell the difference when you focus on the muscle group as opposed to just completing reps for the sake of it. Focusing will reduce the amount of reps you have to do and will help develop your abs quicker, saving you time and energy.

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