Best Weight Lose Exercise

The best weight loss exercise which burns more fat swiftly and effectively are burpees. This exercise is composed of a plank position a squat and a jump. This is the best way to sweat and burn fat quickly without having to complete a 30 minute workout.

This exercise is intense as it is based upon reps as opposed to time. Some other exercises depend on time to give you a burn, but burpees provide an immediate burn even after just 10 or 20 reps. Like any exercise, extracting the optimal health and fitness benefits from it is comprised of building a mind body connection which allows you to keep your form as you practice the movements.

This exercise should be performed if you have an intermediate level of fitness and have no blood pressure issues. Similar exercises to this include mountain climbers squats which are also for the intermediate to advanced fitness enthusiast.

Burpees are unique as they contain many movements in one motion so when the exercise is performed with optimal form during every stage, the top benefits are extracted. Weight loss is about burning fat, burning muscle or building muscle. Depending on your desires, you should perform exercises which burn fat through cardio or through lifting heavy weghts to build muscle which in turn burns fat.

Fitness is about a lifestyle so most importantly of all you should find the top 3 exercises which you enjoy the most. Doing this will allow you to be consistent even during a day when you may not feel like working out; the enjoyment factor is huge when creating a healthy long lasting lifestyle.

Other light or modified forms of these exercises include planks, glute raises and dips which target similar muscle groups and are suited for beginners.

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