Does Running Burn Belly Fat?

Running is a sport which is known for being one of the best cardio vascular movements which every person should incorporate into their workout routine. Running burns on average 200 calories in 1hr compared to the 850 calories you can burn in the same time by cycling.

Running burns fat gradually and cycling burns fat more rapidly. Some people want to burn fat quickly or slowly depending on their skin type and sensitivity to avoid stretch marks, so choose the cardio exercise to suit your needs.

Running helps to burn fat evenly throughout the body and it is the most common exercise amongst fitness enthusiasts to reveal six pack abs. Running targets the legs as well as the chore and can create more impact on the joints.

There are physical benefits to running but most importantly there are mental benefits. Running builds character and a history of body development as well as mental toughness. Cycling provides a feeling of using a sporting tool which does not provide the same mental impact as running, as this is an assisted form of exercise.

This is the reason many sporting enthusiasts and athletes such as boxers choose to run as apposed to cycle. Depending on you needs, choose the form of activity you prefer.

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