Easiest Way to Loose Weight

The easiest way to loose weight is to define if you want to lose fat weight or muscle weight. Loosing water retention is the fastest way to lose general weight.

The easiest way to reduce water retention is to consume more water (2-3 ltr per day), eating less salt and sleeping between the hours of 8pm-10pm. This is because salt helps to hold more water and relieving your body from salt can help to balance itself out when all 3 of these principles are carried out in unison.

There are also many other principles which create lasting results when done synchronistically. They include:

Receiving Sunlight
Sunshine is an important part of a human being’s lifestyle which helps them maintain the quality of their skin which is the largest organ in the body and provides vitamin D which is used in creating stronger bones and other essential characteristics of the human body.

Drinking 2-3 ltrs of water a day

Sleeping between the right hours

Sleeping in the Dark
Sleeping in complete darkness, with no lights turned on helps you release the right hormones which help you in the long term to have normal hormonal levels.

Sleeping with No Electronics
Sleeping in an all natural environment with no electronics helps your body to equalize itself especially after a day surrounded by electronics, radio waves and artificial lights.

Winding Down Before Bed
Turning off the lights in your room, releasing yourself from interaction with natural light at least an hour before sleeping is a way to beat insomnia and have a fully rested night’s sleep.

Exercising Regularly
Exercising is the quickest way to burn fat all day long even after you’ve completed your workout. A 30 min ute cardio or strength training session will help develop endurance and muscle as which will in turn burn fat all day long. Some consider this easy due to it’s effectiveness, but other prefer to use other methods they find easier and less tiresome.

Seated or floating exercises such as cycling and swimming are the best options if you want a low impact and relaxed form of exercise.

Being Nutritionally Fulfilled
There are certain vitamins which help with muscle development and fat burning as well as energy which will in turn boost your exercise and liberate you from plateaus.

Use nutrition tools (such as cronometer) to stay up on your daily consumption and completion of daily nutritional targets. Doing this is useful because you can have a clearer picture of what you think you do versus what you actually do.

Measuring weight loss is normally done with a scale, but there are more accurate and healthier ways of measuring weight loss which promote less confusion and a healthy relationship between mind and body.

Using your clothes, belts, pinching, measuring tapes, and even more sophisticated methods such as water tanks to determine body mass index provide a clearer picture of your body’s rhythms and patterns which allow you to have patience as well as adjust more acutely to reach the end you want keeping your health and vibrancy intact.