Fat Burning Heart Rate

There is an idea out there that you need to raise your heart rate to a certain level to burn fat. In actuality the best way to burn fat efficiently is about keeping it playful and working between high intensity and low intensity workouts.

Burning fat is about more than one workout, where consistency is the key to achieving long lasting results. Fat burning heart rates are said to usually be between 80-120bpm, but maintaining your heart rate this high for an extended amount of time regardless of your physical background, can be risky, so always customize your journey with safe routines.

As long as you perform a challenging routine for 30-45mins your at a steady pace or in intervals, your body will take care of burning fat. If you practice a sport it is even more useful as your mind is focused on the sport as opposed to your reps or sets. This allows you to push yourself even further and overcome plateaus.

Steady training vs Interval training affect the heart rate in different ways. Steady or progressive training is recommended for beginners and interval training is for the advanced fitness enthusiast. This is because interval raining is aimed at surprising the body into developing when hitting plateaus.

As a beginner you will notice rapid changes, but after some time you will need to diversify your movements so your body develops in new ways. This is why interval training was developed to lower and heighten the intensity of a workout routine in order to keep reflexes high and adjusted to sports where resting and surprising explosiveness is necessary and implemented daily.

Always be safe and perform workouts which will keep your progression stable as well as your health. Athletes know when to train hard and when to go at your own pace, so have a stable mental attitude towards fitness which defines it as a journey and not as a sprint. Doing this will give you not only quick results but long lasting ones as well.

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