Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

A healthy snack for weight loss should be high in fibre, water content, nutrient dense and low in calories. Fruit is the best base ingredient for any snack as it is sweet and low in calories so you can eat to your heart’s content.

Snack Ideas

1) Fruit Cakes
These types of home made snacks are a great option if you want to eat abundantly without thinking about eating too many calories. Fruit cup cakes, cakes and fresh pastry snacks consist of mixed fruits such as dates, strawberries, carrots, bananas etc.

2) Fruit Smoothie
Fruits smoothies are a great snack to be filled and satisfy your sweet tooth.

3) NutriBar
Nutri bars contain many sweet fruits and nuts which are not only sweet but contribute to a healthy digestion allowing a smoother weight loss process.

4) Salad Pizza
One pizza slice can be 800 calories or more so dazzling your pizza with healthier toppings such as avocados, tomatoes, lemons etc can be a great alternative if you prefer savory as opposed to sweet.

5) Fruit Bowl
Fruit bowls are a simple mix of sliced sweet fruit squares which are easy to make and quick to consume.

The top 5 sweetest fruits for snack creation include: Dates, Strawberries, Mangoes, Bananas, Dragon Fruit and Pineapples. These fruits are soft and sweet which means they can be easily mixed in a food processor to create the perfect healthy snacks you desire.

Note: Keep in mind that artificial sweeteners and salt can heighten insulin as well as create water retention. If you want to enjoy sweet things in abundance while keeping an alkaline diet and contribute to a healthy body and stable levels of energy, taking the time to create simple healthy snacks is the best investment you can make in your nutrition.
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