How Many Calories Should You Intake to Lose Weight

FBZ Fitness | Updated: August 25, 2016 11:09 PST

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By simply cutting 500 calories a day from your average calorie intake you could lose up to a pound a week. This is a regular statistic of the calories in calories out model. The term “weight” can be divided into muscle weight and fat weight which should be defined before commencing a weight loss plan.

Loosing fat can be composed of eating the same amount of calories to develop muscle which will in turn, burn fat. Conversely, it can also be composed of eating less calories so your body simply doesn’t have more to store as fat.

Reducing or increasing calorie intake alone will give you temporary results as there are many other factors which naturally help you stay lean and fit; such as sleep, sunlight, water and exercise.

However food quality is a variable which can determine weight loss and weight gain as higher quality food can be a great fuel for developing muscle groups more quickly which burn fats much faster.

You can use free digital nutrition tools to quickly and easily create a list of the foods you eat allowing you to see how many calories you consumed as well as precisely the quality of food you have consumed to the gram.

These tools include:
Lose It
Fit Day

These tools have useful options which allow you to track your progress based on where you are and where you want to be. A great tip if you do not want to compromise your vitamin levels when consuming less calories, fruit is always the best option.

Fruit such as bananas, dates and mangoes are rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals and low in calories, which is suitable if you want to reduce calories and maintain a high level of vitamin consumption.

There is more than one variable to making your body fat percentage 8-12%. There is water, sleep, sunlight, exercise, emotions and food consumption. Only using one of these variables to reduce body fat percent can be dis-balancing and unhealthy, so always seek to be balanced first.
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