Weight Loss Exercise Plan

Creating a suitable weight loss exercise plan should be divided into cardio and weight training. Weight training consists of two categories, body weight and heavy independent weights. Cardio consists of body weight cardio and assisted cardio such as cycling.

A good weight loss exercise plan is custom made to suite your specifications, from your current level of health as well as your levels of fitness. There are certain exercises which develop areas of the body through stages in order to burn fat so adjust your workout plan accordingly.

Top 3 Fat Burning Exercises
Mt. Climbers
The idea of this exercise is to mimic climbing a a vertical space horizontally.

Burpees are a classic exercise practiced by top sporting academies, which instantly turns the body into a fat burning machine.

Squats are perfect for developing the largest muscle group in the body allowing you to burn more fat even after your workouts.

These simple exercises are body weight exercises that are suitable for the traveling person who wants to remain fit all year round. You do not need wide open spaces or any external equipment to complete these exercises. You can do these from the comfort of a bedroom, hall way, hotel room or even bathroom.

The routine is made up of 3 sets of 10 reps for each exercise in 3 easy cycles. This is perfect for the person who doesn't have much time during the day and who does not want to do a long complicated workout routine.

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